Franklin Pierce University

Department of Information Technology

NOTE: It is recommended that you upgrade your phone, computer, or device to the latest operating system before connecting to eduroam.
Wireless Setup Instructions

Below are the instructions for connecting devices to the Franklin Pierce University eduroam and FP-Guest wireless networks.

General Information about eduroam

Cell Phones
Connecting to eduroam with IOS
Connecting to eduroam with Android
Removing eduroam profile from IOS

Connecting to eduroam with MacOS
Connecting to eduroam with Windows
Connecting to eduroam on a Chromebook

Other Devices - Gaming Consoles, Roku, etc
**Before trying to connect your device to the FP-Guest account you need to know your Mac Address. Follow these instructions to get this information if you don't already have it. Write it down and then continue to the Connecting Device section for instructions to your specific device**

Finding your MAC Address

Finding MAC address on popular devices
Finding MAC address on SonyPlaystation4
Finding MAC address on XBox One
Finding MAC address on Samsung Smart TV

Connecting Device

Registering Devices on FP-Guest (used for Gaming Consoles)
Managing Devices on FP-Guest
Connecting Visitors to FP-Guest
NEW -- Using Streaming Devices - AppleTV, Roku, etc.