Cable TV Compatibility

The University’s cable system is provided to all campus residences. Your TV must have an internal digital QAM Tuner to work on the cable system or you need to purchase a specific converter box for your TV. The channel lineup is listed HERE.

How can I tell if my TV is compatible with the new system?

DigitalRemoteExample If your TV was manufactured prior to March 2007, it is most likely not compatible. Many TVs made after 2007 are compatible but you should check to be sure. Check the remote control for a '–' or '.' included on the number pad as shown here, circled in red. You can also consult the manufacturer's website. Look to see if your TV has a QAM tuner. If you are purchasing a new TV, check the remote control or the manufacturer's website as described above.

My TV is compatible, but I don't see any channels!

If you haven’t already done so, your TV needs to scan for the new channels. The process is fairly straightforward and it is done simply by selecting the 'Channel Scan' or 'Auto Scan' option in your TVs on-screen menu. If you cannot find the option, look in your TV's user manual. Manuals can often be found on the manufacturers website. If you still have trouble, your TV may not be compatible with the new digital cable system.

What should I do if my TV is incompatible? 

If you have an older analog television, your television cannot receive the signal without use of a QAM capable digital-to-analog converter box. Your options are to purchase a compatible TV or to use a converter box.  There are many converter boxes available online but they are not guaranteed to work with our cable system.

Our cable provider, Campus Televideo, has thoroughly tested and recommends only one converter: the Technicolor DCI 401n which can be purchased with a credit card through their website for $136 (including shipping & handling). The unit has an analog output via a RF connector (coax).  All standard definition and high definition channels will pass through the converter and display on an analog television.  Your high definition (HD) channels will be scaled down and will not be in a true HD format but will be viewable.  Here is the link to purchase the converter box directly from Campus Televideo.